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We provide a straightforward, honest and no nonsense service. No sales, no spam.

Melber Flinn operates with a policy of transparency and openness, we’ll present candidates for you on an objective basis, with no vested interests. Want to know what margin we make on your placement? Just ask. Our pricing is fair and very competitive. We would never try to charge a margin that we wouldn’t be comfortable disclosing or defending.

Want to know a candidate’s weaknesses or development areas? If we know we’ll tell you. We won’t take on a brief we can’t fill, but we might surprise you and tell you which of our competitors is best placed to help. We’ll do the right thing. We’re a commercial business but we’ll behave like we are not for profit.

We believe in professional karma, we don’t expect to derive a commercial benefit from every instance of contact or dispensed advice, but we believe that good will probably repaid at some point in the future, maybe not even by you.

But it’s not just the recruitment practice, you’ll be paying for the market knowledge. Healthcare is a passion, Steve has been in this market since 2010 and understands how health works. That should come through in conversations and be evident in blogs but Melber Flinn will send verbally noted briefs back to you in writing to demonstrate they have understood the role and its organizational context.

We’re not interested in making sales, we’re interested in building relationships. We know if we do that, the sales will follow. Relationships are built on honesty and trust, that goes both ways.

We think you’ll find the service refreshing, we want you to be impressed enough to recommend us.

Thinking of making contact but wondering which of our previous clients might recommend us to you? Call and we’ll put you in touch with them, and there will be no pressure or follow up, we’ll leave to make up your own mind.

If we have placed an interim with you, you will see an after sales services. We will want to track their progress and make sure they are delivering the intended outcomes. But we’ll work with you and the candidate to pre agree how frequently we should be in touch, and we won’t over step the mark.

When the candidate finishes their role, we will need feedback and an exit reference. We need to know whether we made the right match and whether the interim did a good job, and we’ll be interested in any and all feedback.

The interim healthcare market is unfortunately awash with sharp practice, you won’t find that here.


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