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We will call you back. We will offer advice about how you progress your interim career. If you’re new to interim call us, we’d be happy to objectively advise no matter how tentative and exploratory your inquiry. We’re playing the long game. We might not place you in your next role, or the one after that, we’re going to be around indefinitely, and if you’re a career interim we want to keep in contact and build a relationship, because chances are at some point we’ll have the right role at the right time.

We’ll meet you. We might have to make some mutual effort to find the right time and venue, but where we can we want to meet all candidates we deal with.

Want to be introduced to someone? (in a non-commercial / might result in a placement way) just ask, we might know the person.

Are you after market advice? Keen to know where demand is concentrated? What rates are doing? Again just call, we’re happy to impart our knowledge and in time we intend to publish our business history and the trends that can be drawn from that.

We will call you back. No call evasion. If you’re in a process we’ll keep you updated, we’ll tell you how many candidates you’re up against, we’ll call when we say we will and if you are rejected by a client we’ll tell you straight away.

We will be honest. If we can’t help we’ll say so, if you need to change your search parameters to maximise your chances, we’ll be upfront about in telling you. We will tell you the client budget on a role, and if you want to know, how much margin we will be taking. Some agencies try to exploit candidates and clients to maximize margins, we would never charge a margin that we wouldn’t be afraid of being disclosed, and that we wouldn’t be comfortable defending. And if we place you, we will keep in touch to ensure the assignment is progressing smoothly and that you’re delivering for the client. We’ll also make sure we pay you on time, we’d prefer to pay you monthly as it helps our cashflow, but customer service is key, so if you need to be paid weekly, that’s no problem.


We don’t spam clients with multiple CVs and we don’t spam candidates with multiple jobs. We won’t send your CV anywhere without your permission.


Sometimes you instantly know the right person for a client’s requirement, or within 5 minutes you know your shortlist of 3. Sound too easy? We might be able to react quickly to a client requirement, but the real investment in time has taken place previously; in building the network, meeting candidates to understand their skills, experience and search preferences, referencing and vetting and building the reputation to attract the right candidates into the network into the first place. We spend a lot of time doing that, so we’re in a position to instantly suggest a solution. If a client calls an agency and they need a week and they need to advertise, they don’t have the network.

Clients are effectively paying to access the network, and access your intimate knowledge of it.

Advertising has its place for more niche requirements, or for roles where candidates are in short supply.

So as you might have noticed this recruitment website doesn’t have a jobs page, and if you want to know what we’re handling, your best bet is just to give us a call.


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