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CV advice for interim managers

The information below is a summary of advice that I have been happily providing since I moved into interim management recruitment. Publishing it on the website means I can send out a link instead, but we are happy to discuss any and all of the points below. CV writing is subjective, there is no perfect format, but if you follow the guidance below we believe your CV will be optimised for the interim healthcare market.


Experience sells. Avoid long lists of competencies and skills, yes these are important, but more important is a detailed breakdown of your career history and achievements.

Recent experience sells best. Prospective clients are more likely to buy you in for your most recent or freshest experience, not what you may have done for 6 months in 2004. As a general rule of thumb provide more detail on more recent assignments, if its 15+ years old, it’s probably sufficient to just state employer, position, and dates.

Length doesn’t matter. Many candidates try to stick to the outdated concept of a 2 page CV. If you really are detailing all of your experience don’t worry about the resulting length of your CV. Candidates who might have been in interim management for a number of years will have CVs running into 4/5/6+ pages.


In your career history state the organisations you have worked for and your dates of employment. Provide a brief summary of that organisation, what was their size and what services did they provide, this allows prospective clients to evaluate whether you have experience acquired from organisations similar to their own.


We need a summary of your remit and responsibilities for each role, but avoid a copy of paste of your JD. We need to know what you did, but crucially we need to know how good you were at doing it. So you need to include your achievements and the best way to do that is through the addition of metrics. A good rule of thumb – the more numbers the better. Did you grow headcount / services / turnover? Did you save money? Reduce waiting times / a deficit / staff turnover? By how much and in what time frame?


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