Our Values


Melber Flinn is ethical and values driven. We want to deliver the right outcome for clients and candidates, not the right outcome for us. Get that right and we know the fees will follow. Click the links to find out what your candidate and client experience with us should feel like.

We’re proud to operate from a Yorkshire base but we have full national coverage. We’re indifferent to where you are, we’re more interested in how we can help.

If you have found this website through a google search, you’re in the minority. We don’t expect to win customers online. The recruitment industry is a relationships business, and if you need to find an interim healthcare recruiter and you’ve googled it, you’ve gone about it the wrong way. Ask your network or any contacts for recommendations, the large majority of people will trust a company or service which has been recommended by a friend or professional peer.

So this website serves as a shop window, and not a vital part of our marketing and business development strategy.


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