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Introducing Eleanor Pugh


There are a few reasons why I’m writing this blog as the newest member of the Melber Flinn team: firstly, it’s an opportunity to introduce myself so our clients and candidates know a bit more about who they will be dealing with, secondly, I may as well do it before I become insanely busy with real work, and thirdly, it means our founder, Steve, doesn’t have to write a blog for a bit, leaving him to tend to the business and of course, his ever growing family!

I’m Eleanor (or El once we get past the Sunday name business), and I joined Melber Flinn last month, stepping in to cover for Mel Brown whilst she is on Maternity leave following on from the birth of her gorgeous baby boy Franklin. (Both mum and baby are doing well you’ll be pleased to hear). My background is pretty much all within recruitment since leaving University in 1999, other than a couple of standard post study call centre and waitressing jobs at home and in Australia before I moved into recruitment in 2001. Since I began my career in the industry I have worked across a range of specialisms, including health and social care, finance and HR, not only as a recruiter but also as a manager and trainer. And I still love recruitment to this day; speaking to new people, building relationships, helping clients and candidates find their matches.

Unfortunately, the downside to our Industry is the fact that recruitment is renowned for being a sector where the hours are long, a lot of travel is required and where cutting corners is sometimes considered acceptable if it means hitting your targets. Until recently, I was always happy to work the long hours and would often be driving from home in Manchester up and down the M6/M62 -travelling to various offices to oversee the smooth running of multiple teams. That said, I have never been someone to cut corners or work in a way that would compromise my morals and ethics and believe strongly in the customer experience always being the most important thing. And this brings me to the some of the key reasons why I have joined Melber Flinn.

Firstly, my life changed fairly substantially last August when I had a baby girl called Matilda, she was a game changer! I had never been that bothered about kids when I was younger and neither had a been particularly maternal, and therefore, having a baby a bit later in life I wasn’t really prepared for how much I would love motherhood and the fun times Matilda brought with her when she entered the world! I became worried. Previously, I had been able to be quite selfish and worked as much as I wanted, when I wanted, in order to further my career. Also, as a keen keep-fit enthusiast and runner I realised I would soon be swapping my gym sessions and jogging for a hectic commute, rushed nursery collections and baby bath time in order to be able to spend any time with my daughter at the end of a busy day at work.

Ans so there I was this summer, contemplating how I would be able to incorporate my love for my job with being a more hands on mum, as well as manage to spend time with friends and family and get out for that all important run! I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it work. Until the opportunity with Melber Flinn came about. It seemed perfect. Being able to work part time, from home and moreover, for a business who puts providing a quality, transparent service at the forefront of their offering. It sounded good. And then I met Steve. It became a no brainer! Of course, he could be supplementing me with significant back handers to write this, but seriously, it seemed to me that it would be incredibly refreshing to work for such a decent, open and funny guy who could evidence that it was possible to find a good work/life balance! A week later, I had a chat with Mel which sealed the deal.

And so far so good! Matilda didn’t bat an eyelid when I left her at nursery, I cried a less embarrassing number of tears than I thought I would and here I am embarking in the next step in my career with Melber Flinn! I’m really looking forward to speaking to many of you in the coming weeks about our interim as they arise and in the meantime please feel free to drop me a line or a call to introduce yourself.

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