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Melber Flinn’s 3rd Birthday


In August Melber Flinn turned 3! On the last two anniversaries I have published a blog with a mock interview of me, and we decided to keep with tradition and do the same again this year. The only slight twist was that I invited questions from my connections on Linkedin and from our blog distribution list, which to be honest was mainly so I could avoid answering too many awkward questions that usually get posed by my hilarious colleagues. A combination of holidays and an unexpectedly busy August have meant this blog is being published a little late, but to compensate I’m pleased to report that the next blog after this one is already written and ready to go out, so watch out for that next week.

If you were a dog what sort of dog would you be and why? from RP
So I have genuinely tried to answer this one without looking at dog temperament charts – but I think a border collie. They spend a lot of time exercising outside, and they are moderately intelligent. Also being ordered around with a complex set of calls and instructions is somewhat analogous to the relationship I have with Mel at work.

If you had to choose between holidays with your (lovely) family and running (for charity) which would it be? from RR
This is a tighter call than I would admit to my wife, but the holidays with family just shades it! I can of course combine both and usually enjoy lots of running when on holiday, but that generally requires getting up early to avoid the heat if we are somewhere warm. But I can sometimes get out early enough to be back before they all wake up.

What does the next year hold for Melber Flinn? from SS
Hopefully further growth and more enjoyment. We’re going to miss Mel as she heads off on maternity leave for 12 months but have found an excellent replacement in Eleanor Pugh who has just started. We’re operating nearer our limits in terms of what throughput of business we can comfortably handle so that represents an opportunity to find another fee earning consultant who can help us grow. But any growth plans will be prudent and sensible. I have no ambitions to have 20 consultants, because my time would become dominated by man management instead of actual recruitment.

You’re easily the funniest colleague I have ever worked with. What can I do to make my banter as good as yours? from MB
That’s a tough one Mel. I do think to a certain extent the ability to banter and make jokes off the cuff is innate so there is only a certain level you can reach. I would say keep practicing and Ill do my best to coach you and help you improve.

When will you slow down on Strava??? from SH
The objective is to speed up! Im slightly obsessed with Strava. Its like Facebook for running nerds. We all connect and you can upload your own training data and see runs for all of your connections. Its great for comparing training and races performances and it adds a competitive element to spur you on. Ive actually developed friendships through Strava that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, Im more a solitary runner, I am not really a member of a club, but its great to go to races and to see familiar faces or Strava connections and to be able to go over and have a chat.

What’s your favourite can of Monster?
Hands down Monster Rehab. Drinking this one gives me some sort of defence, albeit meagre, against my wife when she berates me for my energy drink addition because its low sugar and non carbonated. It also happens to taste the best in my opinion!

You have the opportunity to go on a trip to Mars. It will take 3 years. You can take 2 others with you. Who would you take?
This one is a bit unfair as I would have to split the family up. So I think the sensible answer is to leave Mary at home with the 3 kids, she’s the better parent anyway. And then I would take the dog for her company and affection and my mum, to look after me.

Do you have any plans to open an office? – IB
I think this question was asked last year and if anything Im even more sure we wont do so in the near future. In the last year we have built Melber Flinn global HQ in my garden, but it’s a really posh a shed with heating and its too small to have a colleague working in there with me, and way too messy to allow clients and candidates to come and visit. I think all MF employees enjoy the flexibility of working from home in their own way. Clearly as the business owner I need to have some trust in that model and as we grow there is chance I might miss out on hiring people who prefer to work in that corporate office environment. But for now the virtual model works well for us, and we have never had clients or candidates complain or query why there is no Melber Flinn office in a city centre location.

If you weren’t in your current sphere, I’m curious as to what would you like to do for a living? from RW
Predictably I would love to do something running related. Organisation of major events or sports testing. I love managing Melber Flinn and genuinely enjoy recruitment, so Im minded to say Id do something else I love. But that’s easy to say in my current position. When you’re younger you’re more interested in career development and earning money. I recognise its not that easy for everyone, some people fall into careers that they are good at, but they might not enjoy. I could look at this question another way and respond by saying had I not gone into recruitment, what might I have done? At University I did want to get into investment management, but probably only because some university friends were heading in that direction, and I also spent an ill fated 3 month stint post university with an accountancy practice. I know now I could never become an accountant because I just don’t have the head for numbers, but I didn’t fully understand that at 21. Fundamentally I enjoy relationships and interacting with people so had I not gone into recruitment I would have ultimately settled into another profession requiring those skills, so probably sales, account management or perhaps even teaching.

Is your head really as disproportionately large to your body as your current (and I use that term lightly) Linkedin image suggests, or did you use a potato* to take the picture? from TB
I believe my head is normal sized. I remember taking that photo in my kitchen, in the very early days of Melber Flinn. I hadn’t yet been out meeting candidates and clients, so remember having to put my suit and tie on just to take that picture. Perhaps its time for an update? Ill give that some thought and ensure the camera angle is better next time.
Hi, As you have stated in your post “32 days annual leave isn’t that much over the average entitlement” Will you be rolling this benefit out to all employees of Melber Flinn? KK
Hi Kathryn, as you’re aware Im the ONLY person at Melber Flinn who actually works full time, so I think my annual leave broadly proportionate to the total number of working days I do across the year.

That’s it for this year, but Im pretty sure the same blog format will be back for August 2019, and Im happy to have question suggestions in advance!

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