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Melber Flinn’s 2nd birthday


August 7th 2017 saw the second anniversary of Melber Flinn. It’s a well-worn cliché, but time really has flown, I can’t quite believe it’s been two years already. Last year I marked the first anniversary by doing a mock interview with Kathryn and Rachel suggesting the questions. Against my better judgement, I decided to follow the same format this year, with my two colleagues Mel and Kathryn again setting the questions. “Ask anything you want, and I will answer truthfully” I said to them, knowing that whilst risky, it should make for an interesting blog. They attacked the task with gusto, sending me a long list of questions, with Mel’s husband Nick chipping in with a few extra. True to my word I’ve answered them all and divided the responses into a two parter, with the second part of the blog to follow next week. Deep breath, here goes…

What is your motivation?

This is a really tough one, its partly about being the best I can be at what I have chosen to do, but then frankly, its also about hopefully about creating a successful business which gives me financial independence and life options. I want to have the option to retire early and explore other ventures in life. We’re only here once.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given since setting up the business?

This is a great question, but I can’t honestly think of that single nugget that has stayed with me. I remember an old recruitment colleague of mine, who also set up his own business, telling me that if I backed myself I needed to go for it, and not think about getting other partners involved. And Im glad I took that decision, it ramped up the risk, but having full ownership of Melber Flinn has meant full control and I have not had to worry about being distracted by the interests or differing views of other shareholders.

What makes Melber Flinn different to other agencies?

Recruitment is recruitment, ultimately we provide people to fill gaps or solve problems. That’s what every interim agency does and it annoys me that some of them dress it up as something different. “Human capital solutions” is one of my pet hate phrases in the industry. So we’re proud to be a recruitment business and hopefully what makes us different is the customer experience, the values are about being honest, straightforward and transparent. I want every client and candidate to feel like we are on their side, advising objectively, and not serving our own agenda.

What have you enjoyed blogging about more, IR35 or marathons.

One is something I am extremely passionate about, I think about it all the time. But on the other hand I do like running too.

Approximately how many miles have you run during work hours in the last two years?

Ha ha! Not enough! In my defence, my work day usually starts at 6am, Im at my best in the mornings and if I get 1.5 hours done by 7.30am, I don’t feel guilty about going for a run later in the work day. And the run tends to be my lunchbreak! In terms of a specific number, I think on an average of 50 miles a week, with an average 6 miles a day on week days, the answer is probably around 3000 miles.

What is your biggest regret over the past 12 months?

Not moving invoice finance providers earlier. My accountant pointed out how much they were costing me and I was flabbergasted. They weren’t sending me monthly invoices, instead, they took their fees by stealth from my funding availability, and so their costs weren’t as visible to me as our other suppliers. I then dithered over switching, thinking it would be a big hassle and their customer service might improve, but if anything it got worse. We’ve made the move now and so far Im happy with the new provider.

What has been the longest journey you have driven to visit a client? Was it worth it?

Dorset, and we will see! Im happy to travel anywhere, sometimes people supposed our main business base is Yorkshire, but we actually do relatively little locally. Because most interims will travel, and because we have a nationally dispersed client base in the NHS, you have to be ambivalent about geography and be willing to business anywhere.

What is your favourite work lunch?

Usually at lunchtime Im good, because I will grab something out of the fridge in my office, ideally chicken or prawns. Its dinner time where my discipline falls apart!

What would your super hero powers be?

Teleportation every time.

Check back on Friday for part 2, featuring IR35, hot tubs, and angry squirrels.

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