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Back in May I published a blog about expanding the headcount at Melber Flinn and the important addition of Kathryn to support me with the administration of the business. But I am also delighted to have Rachel Silverwood aboard.

Rachel and I first met in summer 2015, when she had recently finished with another boutique health recruitment business and I was planning for the launch of Melber Flinn. As she had spent ten years running the interim healthcare practice at Veredus I already knew her by reputation. I knew she was on the market and given she lives quite close to me in Yorkshire I suggested a coffee, and thought it would be an opportunity missed not to explore a possible collaboration. As it turns out, with 6-year-old twins, Rachel was looking to for a better work life balance rather than a start up opportunity, but she suggested helping me on a part time basis should I become busy enough.

We kept in touch. Between November and March I had seen steady growth in the number of new requirements coming in, and although Kathryn had taken on the administration, I was still occasionally struggling from a capacity perspective to run comprehensive searches against new requirements. Rachel has helped me by providing that extra capacity when I am busy with an existing commitment, out of the office, or on holiday. Because she already knows the healthcare market I have complete confidence to delegate a search to her, or her to manage an active process through interviews to offers and start.

At the moment, Rachel helps around 10 hours a week and whilst the current arrangement we have is mutually convenient, I would offer her a permanent job tomorrow. And it helps that Kathryn and Rachel get on, the development of their relationship probably accelerated by talking about the new puppies they have recently brought into their households. In fact, they covered things so well that in April I went off on holiday for two weeks, and was genuinely able to switch off. Growing the business to a point where I can take a holiday is an important milestone, because the Melber family hadn’t been on holiday for 18 months and being able to get away reflected the fact that a: we could afford it and b: I had the necessary cover in the business for it to run without me.

For now we make a great team, but the next instalment of the Expansion themed blog will hopefully come in the autumn, when I look to grow the team again. Watch this space.

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